Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The semester is now over and several goals have been accomplished.

1. Finished first POS committee meeting and did much better job than expected... was offered a spot teaching signal transduction to 1st year vet students.

2. Making headway with statistics for 1st paper.

3. Phone interview at Washington University STL this week

4. Duplex found for July in Ankeny for man and I

That's pretty dang good!!

Interesting story...

FORTUNE COOKIE: I went to the allergist yesterday and my only allergy is to rabbits. Isn't that nice? My doctor, besides wanting me to quit graduate school to stop the progression of the allergy, wants me to apply to med school. All day yesterday I was thinking about whether I really wanted to stay in research after I graduate or if I should study for my MCATs and become P's sugar momma. So... Parker and I went to the Mandarin for dinner last night and this is what my fortune cookie read: "You will prosper in the field of medical research". Whhhhaaaaattt? I don't have a sweet tooth but needless to say I ate that cookie.


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