Monday, April 10, 2006

Want to clone your cat?
Wow...Just kind of wanted to throw this out there... I think it is facinating and is opening doors to the future of scientific research both for the good and the potentially very bad.

The thing that kind of gets to me though is that most people who want to clone their cats want an exact replica of their current cat. While this cloned cat may appear to be an exact physical clone of their old cat there are infinite environmental reasons that your clone will not behaviorally resemble your old cat. Some of the people who have written in have desired cloning their cat because they had a 'unique' relationship with their cat that they haven't ever had with their other pets. Um...right...good luck replicating that relationship...ha.

The other big issue I have with cloning cats is that it is COMPLETELY excessive. Take it from Bob Baker, "Get your cats spayed or neutered". Think about it.... You don't get a perfect genetic clone on your first try...believe me it isn't that easy. The latest statistic I've heard is it takes 20 pregnancies to produce ONE perfect genetic clone. What happens to all these extra kittens that are born? The company here claims they find good homes for them at their (the companies) expense . I think I'll throw my bullshit card on this one. Do you know how many animals are put to sleep every year from animal shelters because they can't find a good home? Well neither do I but I am betting on quite a few. I'm not buying their explaination about decreasing this statistic either. Point being I think they're underestimating their home-finding ability for these animals. Granted they will probably have to keep some to be the seregate mother for these animals but even so, there are only so many litters that animal can have which leads me back to still needing to find a home for these animals.

And last but not least...I have to mention it...The slippery slope. Yes, it is possible that cloning animals is just the beginning and YOU'LL be next but I personally believe A Brave New World is far from a worry at this point.

Would a virtuous person with $32,000 laying around get their cat cloned? NO...think of the millions of way you could better put that money to use. But that's a completely different issue and who am I to say how people can spend their money...i could definitely come up with worse ways to spend it...


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