Friday, January 20, 2006

Attempting to make blogging part of my daily routine...Likelihood: 5 on scale 1-10...O'well...It's an effort anyways.

Today has been relatively productive in that I didn't go home for lunch to make up for coming in at 10 (supposed to be here at 9 but seeing as that rule isn't enforced...It's unlikely I make it too many times a week). I've already finished all work I HAVE to do today so now filling my next 2 hours with equally relevant work is quite unlikely. For some reason getting into a routine has always been quite difficult for me...I like sponaneity but then as you've seen today, watching the second movie last night and staying up till almost 2 rendered me late for work with lack of enthusiasm. Blah.

But! It is Friday and that is surely something to be excited about...except P has to work all weekend. The mismatched schedule thing is definitely not optimal, but at least I get to sleep in and relax. I have decided to take up my favorite hobby of leisure reading again...seems that since I've become serious with P I have not made too much time for these such activities. Here is the list of books that are on my list to finish/read.
Chronicles of Narnia (at least the two books covered in the movie so I can finally go see it)
Notes from the Underground
The man who mistook his wife for a hat

Broca's Brain
Okay! Ready!
The unbearable lightness of being


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