Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Ah Humm...

Hi, new blogger here. I finally decided to start my own blog after being addicted to many blogs for the past couple of months. I have silently been seeking inspiration and being

I am a 3rd graduate student in Neuroscience and honestly can't wait to be finished. Don't get your hopes up though...I don't really think this blog will be devoted to science (although, being a big part of my day, I'm sure quite a bit will show up here). I have at least a year and a half left but just getting my masters and finding a job hasn't ever seemed so tempting. I love what I'm doing (although the questions I'm addressing don't seem so interesting to me anymore) and couldn't be happier conducting research for the rest of my life...wow, can't believe i just said that!! As for the rest of my life you might ask...well, it's fabulous! I am currently dating the most perfect man and besides that, our relationship is amazing. Jealous yet??? It's funny, after my first relationship I was in and out of unfufilling relationships and until this one...I didn't even realize I deserved better!


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