Monday, April 03, 2006

Things that sucked today:

receiving angry text messages
Undesired poking from the OBGYN this morning
Reading even angrier and very hurtful blog
Crashed compy still MIA
Running out of superglue
Replacing crashed compy and realizing there were some un-backed up important things which are now lost FOREVER :(
Chinese food for dinner
Getting a flat tire
Watching male friend replace flat tire
Being back at work after having worked all day with minor break for doctor in morning
Squinting resulting from need to change contacts
Hy-vee bag tearing and broken spaghetti jar spilling it's contents EVERYWHERE.
Knowing I have to sleep sans man tonight... believe it or not out of all the bad things today entailed this is the worst one.

Good things that happened today:

Woke up with man
Remembered and wasn't late to OBGYN
Began working on equipment needed for next weeks surgery
Surprise visit from man before he went out of town for a couple days
Watched male friend replace tire (meaning I didn't have to do it)
New compy so I can finally get some work done again
spaghetti jar broke outside.
Hopefully relaxation for an hour or two before bed...

Bad day wins...positive attitude still present so bad day= not so bad.


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